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Al Sahwa Park


Al Sahwa Park, with its lush landscaped settings, has been a major magnet for families — Omanis and expatriates alike — looking to make the most of Muscat’s delightful winter weather. Beautifully manicured gardens dotted by water fountains, gazebos and play areas add to the park’s popular appeal. Furthermore, its central location adjoining the equally famous Burj al Sahwa roundabout makes it easily accessible not only for visitors from Muscat Governorate but also the Interior and Batinah regions.



Qurum Natural Park


It was opened in 1993 and is 1715449 m2, the largest park in Muscat. The park contains a large boating lake and fountain, 'Waterfall Hill', Sultan Qaboos' Rose Garden and meandering pathways, weaving amongst pungent-smelling shrubs and floral beds. The idea of its design depends on exploiting the nature and topographic features of the area to create wonderful and comfortable scenes for the visitors. Qurum Park succeeded in combining between the unique location and the suitable aesthetic and artistic design.



Riyam Park


Riyam Park overlooks the sea and designed on several heights that gives distinguished dimension for the park which covers an area of 100,000 sq. m. The park was designed in style that combines between the natural and architectural design and there are wide green areas, children games and playgrounds. The park, which is located in Muttrah, offers several services for the visitors. It is a favourite park with children. It is a huge, rambling place whose main feature is an enormous incense burner which, when climbed, provides stunning views of the nearby harbour and surrounding seacliffs. A static fairground is open from 4pm each day providing thrills and spills for the young and the young-at-heart.



Al Naseem Public Park


It is the first park to be established in Oman and inaugurated during the celebrations of the 15th National Day in1985. It took about 11 months to be built, its gross area is 750,000sq.m and it is about 30km from Muscat International Airport. It is located on the highway leads to Batinah area. The park is equipped with all facilities of children's park as there are different games like the small train that tours the whole area, playgrounds for football, volleyball and tennis as well as a library. In 2000 the Japanese Garden, which was built by the Japanese Embassy in Muscat, was inaugurated in the context of the good relations between the two countries. Amongst many other features, an Arabic garden, Japanese garden, mini falaj system and a small train capable of holding 70 passengers which circumnavigates the park.




Al Wadi Al Kabeer Park


It is located on the road leads to Al Bustan Palace Hotel in Muscat on an area of 40,000sq.m. The park consists of various facilities and services; also there is special division for electric games that attract children and families.



Al A'merat Public Park


It is located on the highway opposite the satellite station. It covers an area of 30,000sq.m and considered an entertainment attraction for the citizens.



Quriyat Lake Park


It was inaugurated in the early of 2002 on the road to the central market of the Wilayat and the Sea Road. The park is equipped with artificial lake and places for recreations.



Kalbou Beach Park


It is coastal strip extends from the Sea Road to the mountain edge, which is a distinguished location in the heart of Muscat City. It is an attraction spot for those who are willing to enjoy walking and fishing.



The Park of A'Seeb Beach


This park is located on the beautiful sand beaches of A'Seeb where the sea - water are pure and clean. It is equipped wish water sports, artificial lake in addition to the children playgrounds_ and fast food restaurants.




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