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FAQs about Oman
FAQS about my Trip
 FAQS about my Trip

Is it easy to travel with small children?

Oman is well provided with all facilities to make your stay with your child most enjoyable. Most brands of popular babyfood are available as well as the services of qualified pediatricians. Most large shopping malls have play areas for children.

Is it OK to consume alcohol in public?

No it is not. Please refrain from consuming alcohol in public places. This is strictly against the law. Alcohol is bought and sold only against a permit. Alcohol can only be consumed in licensed pubs and bars. At duty free outlets, alcohol is limited to a bottle per person.

Can the elderly visit Oman in comfort?

Oman is a haven for elderly visitors with its leisurely parks, pretty beaches and long winding smooth roads. Parents of expatriates frequently visit and go back well rested.

What can I eat?

Oman has a number of hotels, ranging in price from 'budget' to 'deluxe'. See list of hotels for further details.

Can I drive in Oman?

Holders of International and most foreign driving licenses are able to hire cars. Remember to take your driving license and a copy of your passport and visa when going to the car-hire office. Most car-hire companies have a main office in the capital area, and a branch at Muscat International Airport. Consider whether you will need a four-wheel drive vehicle - do you intend to explore off-road or will you be touring the capital area only? See list of car rental agencies for further details.

How do I get to Salalah?

There are a number of ways to get there: by car, it is around a 9-hour drive, on blacktop road. The Oman Transport Company runs a coach service to Salalah, which runs twice daily, for RO16 return, or RO8 single. Oman Air flies daily to Salalah and the flight takes around 1 1/2 hours.

What immunisations do I need?

If you are travelling from an infected area, you will need a yellow fever vaccination certificate. If you intend to visit rural areas, or will be working in a hospital, you should have Hepatitis A & B vaccinations. Typhoid vaccination is also recommended for travellers to remote areas. According the World Health Organisation statistics, malaria occurs in 14 cases per 1000 inhabitants. In the Capital area, malaria is very uncommon and few long-term residents take prophylaxis. Check with your doctor a few weeks prior to your trip. It is wise to carry insect repellant, particularly during the winter months.

What is the opening time for Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque?

Opening times: Sunday to Thursday , from 08:00 to 11:00

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